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SAS for Cargo Services (SAS for C. S.), is a Yemeni services firm specialized in providing International Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearance and Transportation services. SAS for C. S. existed in 2001 with providing customs clearance services in Sanaa airport by Mr. Sami A Sabeha for a certain companies. In 2005, we have been a well-established & registered firm as well as a branded cargo services corporation with all of its fundamentals. Till then, we became already much more experienced & capable to develop new professional methods of operating and providing logistics services, so we could perfectly help and support our customers to achieve & deliver their objectives & obligations, and became an integral part of their supply chain as one of the desired rewards we deserved from them. Now, SAS for C. S. is categorized as one of the most trusted, experienced, and first-class services providers in Customs Clearance for air & sea shipments, local Transportation and International Freight Forwarding by air and sea. At both local and international levels, SAS for C. S. can provide appropriate solutions with reasonable best rates using our welltrusted local & worldwide services partners. Moreover, we are capable of supplying any other related services due to our customers changing needs overcoming the existed challenges & obstacles to ensure the delivery of their goods to the right place at the right time .......More

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Our mission is to provide freight forwarding and customs clearance services to provide services, operate and implement. And a message, a message and science in America. We are committed to being the best place specialized in shipping services in Yemen

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We believe and do saving both time and cost along with accomplishing tasks and jobs completely in a proper and former way using efficient techniques


Accuracy and commitment

We understand and take into consideration customers’ commitment and special cases. Although, we do all the required operating procedures to avoid any failure or faults that may occur through immediate problem-solving actions. We maintain to get the final true results of delivering shipments to the right place at the right time with no negative subsequence



SAS for C. S. always maintains its performance to be a reliable forwarder and logistics provider among all of its competitors operating in Yemen. We prof our reliability by achieving our logistics missions & delivering customers’ shipments in a reasonable time and efficient cost. The authentic outcome of our privilege reliable performance is the continues & tightened partnership with our customers and overseas suppliers whom are classified as first-class and multinationals companies.



To make up an everlasting real partnership with our customers, we take up honesty and loyalty as an ideal part of our principles in dealing with all the related business parties.



All documents, business communications, addresses, exchange of information are treated as confidential property owned by its source and related consignees. We guarantee full performance in congenital way which is exposed only to the direct related business parties.



SAS For C. S. maintains the highest standards of safety for delivery of shipments in the automobile transport, car and all shipping service industry.


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